The ZED SDK v4.1.2 is out!

We are pleased to announce that we released today the ZED SDK v4.1.2



  • Improved fusion sources synchronization for enhanced robustness in case of inconsistent data rates.
  • Improved robustness of Positional Tracking Gen 2 IMU initialization.
  • Added support for the Jetpack 6.0 Production Release.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak when closing the camera during SVO playback.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent recording lossless H26X SVO on Jetson.
  • Fixed a regression in the image acquisition pipeline for HD1080 at 30FPS in USB mode that could impact performance.
  • Fixed SVGA capture mode with ZED X cameras, which could result in black images.


  • Fixed the AI model diagnostic not being available in the command line option for ZED_Diagnostic.


  • Improved Global Localization Python samples.