The task after Zed fu scanning takes too long, for example, texturing mesh takes more than an hour

My settings are as follows:
depth mode: ULTRA, 720P 60FPS, depth range : 0.01m-10m, filter=medium, button “save raw mesh”, and “apply texture” is On.
The hardware information is as follows:
ZED: 2i, CPU: intel-i5-9300H, GPU: NVI-GTX1650, RAM: 16G

Hello and thank you for contacting us,

For how long did you scan the environment ? One hour seems definitely odd. Are you running on Windows or Ubuntu ? What happens with other parameters ?

Thank you for your reply. I scanned a corridor in a Win10 environment for 10-15 minutes, and the final obj file (mesh_raw. obj) was 512MB in size; At present, no other parameter attempts have been made.

What happens when you scan for, let’s say, one minute ?

I just tried generating mesh files based on SVO, and in this mode, the mesh rendering takes a very short time, generating mesh files in less than a minute. What I mentioned above is that after the 3D reconstruction scan is completed in LIVE mode, the “extracting MESH” and “texturing MESH” takes more than 1 hour.

How long was your SVO ? I suspect the duration of the scan has a high impact.
Also, Did you run the tests I suggested ?