The sdk you have for ubuntu, will it be able to run on arch linux?

I am not sure if the ubuntu version of the zed sdk that it will be able to run on arch linux distros ?
my PC’s distro is Endeavour Os. So can anyone say if this software will run on my machine ?

Thanks in Advance

If you’re able to run CUDA application with your distribution then It should work. You will have to install the dependencies at the correct version by yourself though. For the ZED SDK libraries, it should be mostly fine but the tools may be trickier.

You can inspect the installer script by deflating the installer like this:

./ --noexec --target installer_content

It will write the installer content into the folder “installer_content”, the install script is You can then see the dependencies list, tweak commands, etc. Please be aware that we don’t provide support for distribution other than Ubuntu.

Another solution would be to use docker: