The effect of saveAreaMap in case of view occlusion

I want to use saveAreaMap to help the camera try to reposition itself in a known environment

However, due to the mechanical structure, the camera angle of view will be blocked.
I want to ask: will this occlusion cause problems in environment matching? What is the maximum occlusion? How do I ignore the point cloud in the occlusion?

Hi @yuanlu
the ZED SDK v3.8.2 introduced an interesting feature that can help in this case: Region of Interest.
You can set an ROI that excludes the zone of the images that occlude the field of view.
You can read more on our blog: ZED SDK 3.8 Boosts AI Engine for a Faster Neural Depth – Stereolabs

Examples: zed-examples/camera roi/sensing roi at master · stereolabs/zed-examples · GitHub

Thank you for your help, but I have a question:
In the sample code, it seems that the ROI is determined by the image of the LEFT camera, but if the occlusions in the two cameras are different, should I exclude the two areas at the same time? Or do I just remove the occlusions in the LEFT camera?

The depth map is by default mapped to the left image, so the ROI must be referred to it.