Synchronization between IMU and images using Ros1

I am using ZED2 for vidual inertial odometery, I collected the data over ROS1. Is the IMU data in synch with the images to be able to use tightly coupled approaches. Is there a way to run the camera at such hardware level synchronization?

Hi @kha83263
the default configuration of the ZED ROS Wrapper node sets the IMU in free-run mode.
You can enable image-IMU sync be setting the parameter sensors/sensors_timestamp_sync to true

This is the link to the parameter for ZED2 (zed2.yaml), you can find it also in zed2i.yaml and zedm.yaml:

Thanks a lot that is helpful. I am not sure this question makes sense but do you know if this synchronizes the sensors on a hardware level, or software? Please correct me if my question does not make sense.