SVO recording jump back to previous frame once for a while

Hi all, I used SDK 3.8, ZED_Explorer to record the SVO data. It’s recorded at 720P, 60fps, and using h265 lossy compression on Jetson Xavier nx. But when I play the footage, I noticed that every once in a while, it will display one old frame(see the video below). I was planning to use the record to do frame by frame comparison, but this issue will mess up the algorithm. Is this a known issue? What can I do to fix it?

Hi @originlake
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This seems mostly a communication issue between the camera and the host while recording the SVO.
Are you using extension cables or USB hubs?

Yes, I’m using the 10m extension cable bought from the store.

Did you provide external power by using the micro USB connector?

It’s connected directly to xavier nx’s micro usb

It seems the issue is in ZED Explorer or the decoder. It occurs randomly each time. I’ll extract the results frame by frame to check.

@originlake if you are allowed to do that, please write an email to to share the SVO with us.
In this way, our team can analyze it and debug the SDK behaviors to better understand what’s happening.

Thanks for the support.

I found the issue only happened in one of my environments. I tried to reinstall the SDK but not helpful. Then I switched to another PC and the problem is gone. It’s not related to the recording file.