SVO camera setting altearation


Hi there,

I am wondering can I change camera settings (such as saturation, brightness, hue… etc) in recorded SVO file?

In other words I do have recorded SVO which contains all raw data, but can I do color restoration/correction process so I can get better colored point cloud data?

I tried to run ros_wrapper and use as input my recorded svo and while it was playback I tried to use rqt_reconfigure to see how it will change camera setting, but no luck, as in /fused_mapping topic shows the same result. @Myzhar any thought about it?

SVO recorded on zed2i camera on HD2k 15hz.
as an example of the output greenish/blueish point data

Hi @nyrjan
Camera controls act on the settings of the ISP that is inside the camera.
When you record an SVO it uses the settings available at that moment and they cannot be modified while playing the recorded data.

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Is there a technicall way where I would extract the raw data, do postprocess it somehow save it back to SVO? Or feed it to the ZED SDK using API for better point cloud/mapping process?

This is not currently possible