SVO Calibration at posteriori

I’ve a doubt about the use of optional_opencv_calibration_file.

Is it working also with SVO? I mean, if I recorded an SVO file and then I want to use different calibration parameters at posteriori is it possible using optional_opencv_calibration_file? Or it will work only for a new record?
I’m calling get_camera_information() after used the above mentioned setup and it returns me different calibration parameters. Maybe is it about the autocalibration? Do the autocalibration runs and I need to specified in another field?

Thank you.

Hi @umbnich
yes, it works also for SVOs.
The self-calibration is active also for SVOs if you do not disable it.

So, to make my optional_opencv_calibration_file to work I need to disable the self-calibration?

Not exactly, self-calibration, as explained in the documentation, is a refinement.
You must disable it if you want to use your exact calibration file without refinements.

Can I ask you why you want to use your calibration file?
The ZED factory calibration is an automated precise process and a manual calibration cannot reach the same results in precision.
A manual calibration is usually required if the camera is totally misaligned because it received a strong shock or if you are adding some kind of lens distortion in front of it (custom lenses, glass case, underwater applications, ecc).

Yes, is this the case. I am integrating the camera in an underwater enclosure so I need to re-calibrate it.
The use case is:

  • Record the calibration pattern in underwater;
  • Start the mission in underwater;
  • Calibrate offline in office;
  • Process the data acquired with the offline calibration at posteriori
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In that case, I suggest disabling the self-calibration too :+1:

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Thanks a lot!

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