Suitable GPU for ZED 2i

Hi, we are considering our GPU options for a dedicated Windows machine to handle 4 ZED 2i cameras. We are using the machine to generate skeleton data which will be sent via LiveLink to a machine running Unreal Engine. For the dedicated ZED camera machine we had originally been considering the NVIDIA RTX 4090. It was suggested that we might want to consider the NVIDIA A800 40GB Active Graphics Card.

Would the A800 be a suitable card to work with the ZED SDK ?

Thanks for your help,


Both the A800 and RTX 4090 are fully compatible with the ZED SDK. On paper, you should get better performance with the 4090, beyond the form factor, power consumption, etc, the only limitation is the memory size which is enough for 4 cameras with body tracking at the highest settings with depth (you can expect using roughly 1GB of VRAM per camera with skeleton), but you may have other requirements which would make the A800 a better fit.