Subject: ZED X Camera - GPS Integration Issue with Jetson Orin and ZED-F9P

Subject: ZED X Camera - GPS Integration Issue with Jetson Orin and ZED-F9P

Hi everyone,

I’m working on integrating a ZED X camera, ZED-F9P GPS (via GPS-RTK2 board), and a Jetson Orin, following the setup instructions on the Stereolabs website. While everything else seems to be working, I’m encountering an issue where the ZED SDK is unable to detect the GPS module.

I’ve already tried the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Double-checked all cable connections between the ZED-F9P and Jetson Orin.
  • Verified that the Jetson Orin has the necessary permissions for the ZED SDK to access the GPS device.
  • Updated both the ZED SDK and the Jetson Orin OS/drivers to their latest versions.

Despite these efforts, the GPS remains undetected.

I’ve searched the forums for similar issues but haven’t found any specific solutions for this combination of hardware (ZED X, ZED-F9P, Jetson Orin).

Would anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this further or know of any documented solutions for this specific setup? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @Willem,

Welcome to the forums! :wave:

The ZED-F9P GNSS module is the one that is currently sold with our ZED Box Orin NX with the GNSS option, and is the one we’ve extensively tested with, so we should be able to find a solution!

Can you please provide the exact Jetpack and ZED SDK versions that you are using?

I’m guessing you’ve followed the documentation from this page: Setting up GNSS / RTK on Linux - Stereolabs

Is your GNSS device detected by the system in /dev/tty*? If you display its contents, does it display its NMEA or UBX messages?

will check thanks, and let you know the results