Streaming SVO file

Is it possible to stream from a SVO file like how we do it from live camera via USB input?

Hi @Sanidhya
yes, it is possible. You must simply change the input type in order to load the SVO instead of opening the USB camera. The rest of the code does not change.

I dont know if I am doing something wrong but as soon as I try to access the svo stream, the streaming app crashes. It works fine in case of USB input.

I am using zed sdk 3.3.3

Can you paste the code that you are using to load and stream the SVO?

zed = sl.Camera()
input_path = "D:/NavixAir/Assets/StreamingAssets/Recording7.svo"
init_parameters = sl.InitParameters()

err =

if err != sl.ERROR_CODE.SUCCESS:

stream = sl.StreamingParameters()
stream.codec = sl.STREAMING_CODEC.H264 # Can be H264 or H265
stream.bitrate = 8000
stream.port = 30000 # Port used for sending the stream
# # Enable streaming with the streaming parameters
err = zed.enable_streaming(stream)

Also i tried using the unity editor on both the ends, used the default zedManager script, changed the input type to stream, but it crashes there as well, streaming via the USB input works fine there as well.

Hi @Sanidhya,

Your code to load your SVO is perfectly fine. However streaming an SVO was not working well before SDK 3.5. Could you try and install the latest release of the SDK and tell us if that fixes your problem ?
You can find the download link here : link

sure @quythao.truong , will let you know

Its working with the latest sdk version. Thanks.

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