Streaming Spatial Mapping

I’ve been working on a project that involves spatial mapping with a drone. I’m using the ZED 2 connected to a Jetson nano. The Jetson lacks the power to map large areas so I’ve opted to stream the camera feed to a windows computer where the spatial mapping is performed. I’m using the c++ camera streaming sender sample on the Jetson side and a combination of the camera streaming receiver and spatial mapping sample on the windows side. This works pretty well for the most part, but I’m running into an intermittent heap corruption error. Sometimes the error will occur immediately, other times it will occur after 20 minutes. I’ve included the error and the call stack below. Has anyone seen an error like this before?

Here is a link to the code I’m using:

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Hi, I found your request for help whilst posting one of my own and was disappointed to see you never got a reply :frowning: … so infuriating … we’ll see if I ever get one… trying a similar thing to you (in python at the mo) but it won’t fire up … oooof … hope you solved yours… its been a while… hence I thought you should get at least ONE reply lol. Cheers. Steve