Streaming from ZED GStreamer to ZED SDK?

I know there exists the ZED SDK functions for local network streaming of video. I see it works when I used the ZED SDK on both ends of the stream. But, there’s also the zed gstreamer. Is there a way to stream video over a network with zed gstreamer and receive it with zed sdk?

Hi @orrblue
currently, there is no plan to add this feature to the ZED SDK.
ZED GStreamer has been designed to push ZED data in a GStreamer pipeline, but not for the reverse operation.

Thank you for the reply. Are you saying that once data is streamed using the GStreamer pipeline, there is no way to get it back into the ZED SDK?

In other words, if I want to do real-time spatial mapping with ZED SDK on a remote computer on the same local network, the only way to do so is with ZED SDK’s streaming?

I noticed they both rely on RTP (protocol) :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly. The streaming feature of the ZED SDK is optimized to stream the ZED data keeping the best quality that allows a reliable remote processing.
GStreamer introduces too many variables that do not allow to re-use the data with the ZED SDK.

Can we get the color and depth frames from the gstreamer pipeline and process it ourselves?

Sure, you can. You must write your own filter that takes color and depth frames as input.

You can use the zeddemux filter as an example to start from