Streaming from linux to android

am currently working on a project where I need to establish a streaming setup involving a Jetson Orin AGX, a local Android device, and a remote Android device. The setup includes connecting a camera and a microphone/speaker to the Jetson Orin AGX, which is then connected to a switch along with the local Android device. The goal is to stream both video and audio from the camera and microphone/speaker, send them to the local Android device, and subsequently forward them to the remote Android device.

Previously, I successfully implemented a similar setup using python/open cv library in Jetson Orin AGX instead of an Android device. However, I am now exploring the best approach to achieve this using Android devices.

Specifically, I seek guidance on how to efficiently stream video and audio from the Jetson Orin AGX to the local Android device and subsequently transmit them to the remote Android device.

I would appreciate any suggestions, recommendations, or best practices regarding software libraries, protocols (such as RTP), networking configurations, and development tools to accomplish this streaming and forwarding setup seamlessly and effectively.

Note : I don’t find any thing related if zed sdk supported on android or not

Thank you in advance

Hi @ashfaq
the ZED SDK does not support Android devices.

You could use GStreamer to send ZED information to an Android device.
Documentation: Getting Started with GStreamer and ZED - Stereolabs
Repository: GitHub - stereolabs/zed-gstreamer: Package of GStreamer elements to interface with ZED Cameras

Thanks Mr. Myzhar

What’s about opening rtp/udp socket between jetson and android device, is this possible?

Please assist me in this

You can… by using GStreamer

Can I use python code instead of gstreamer?

gstreamer isn’t working with zed sdk 4.1 ,is supported or not ?
If not supported, can you suggest another way ?

You can use the branch “release_4.1” which will be merged into the master branch in the next few days.

Is there any link clarify this ?

Note: This is a Work in progress.

You can switch to the relevant branch by using the CLI command $ git checkout release_4.1, then you must rebuild and install the package.

thanks for replying

  1. I want to check while gstreamer supported in zed sdk v_3.8 , can I install it on jetson orin agx ?
  2. until u merge release_4.1, can I use this example on jetson orin agx “zed sdk v4” ?

The version of the GStreamer repository must match the version of the ZED SDK.
You can find previous versions are release tags:

I want to install zed sdk v3 on jetson orin agx but on your website didnt find it, I want to check if zed sdk v3.8 is compatible with jetson orin agx or not ?