Stream zed camera from non cuda device to cuda enabled device for processing

Hi, I am looking to deploy a ZED camera with a computer which does not have CUDA enabled hardware. I want to stream the necessary data from this device to another computer that does have CUDA enabled hardware so I can take advantage of the ZED SDK. I have looked into GitHub - stereolabs/zed-open-capture: Low level camera driver for the ZED stereo camera family. API docs available here: but it does not seem to allow me to use the ZED SDK on the target device.

Is there a way I can do this?

Thank you.

Hi @adickin
we are sorry, but the ZED streaming requires data encoding (H264 or H265) to not saturate the connection bandwidth. Only hardware encoding can provide enough computational power to encode a ZED data stream in real-time and we only support Nvidia HW encoding.