Stitching multiple fixed position cameras


I’m rather new to working with the ZED2 and need to figure out a solution for the following problem: I got a bunch of cameras on fixed positions and with overlapping fields of view along a streight line. For my further processing I need the depth maps and the skeleton data from all those cameras and need to figure out the best solution to handle the overlap between them. My preferred way would be write something up in python but I’m not sure for what kind of solution I am looking here. Can I easily stitch the cameras in any way or generate an average value for the overlapping areas?

Any kind of hint would be appreciated.


We are currently working on the next SDK version which will do that for you, in a global effort to handle multiple camera setups. I’m afraid you cannot do that easily, but if you are not afraid of the code you can indeed go with the stitching approach.


Hi Antoine,

Out of curiousity, what does the timeline for the next SDK version look like?


Hi, I can’t say something precise, but it will be our next major version. A few months, maybe.