SteamVR and Zed mini in Unity

I’m using zed mini with HTC VIVE pro2, so I need to use steamVR.

Now I only put the zed stereo rig in the scene,
so when I play the unity app, the app works fine in the unity scene,
But the hmd (HTC VIVE’s) screen goes to black.

How can I use steamVR with zed?

Thank you in advance.


Our Unity plugin is only compatible with the OpenVR plugin, not OpenXR. Make sure you use this one.

If it’s already the case, let me know.

Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support

Hi Benjamin

Thank you for your support.
I missed that openXR is not compatible.

  1. So, you mean that I need to use only “openVR” with “zed stereo rigs” (w/o any other rigs) only, right?

  2. And also, I’m using the vive tracker at the same time too. And when I don’t add the “vr camera hook” to both left and right eye cameras in zed rig, the tracker is not aligned (e.g., zed is looking at about 40cm lower) :smiling_face_with_tear:

So, I just added the vr camera hook component to the left&right eye cameras, but do you have other suggestions for this case?

Thank you sooo much!!



You only need to have the ZED_Rig_Stereo in the scene. You can for example run the Planetarium scene to see how it works. We also have a documentation on our website : AR Video Passthrough with Unity | Stereolabs

To track a vive tracking, you need to add a Gameobject in the scene and add the “ZED Controller Tracking.cs” script on it. Then, set the “Device to track” parameter to “Vive tracker”.

Benjamin Vallon

Thank you for your kind answer.
I will refer to the Planetarium example!

I also succeed the tracker parts too!! Thank you so much.