SteamVR and Unity

Hello, I am using the ZED Rig Stereo prefab, but I have an issue with the playmode of unity editor.
I am using an Oculus quest pro and it only works for the first time I open a Unity project and hit play, the rest of the time in order to test while using the headset I need to do a build. I don’t how steam vr works with Unity or how to solve this. Another solution I can think of is using a rig that works easily in Unity play mode like OpenXR, but I don’t know how to use a different rig and add the camera feed from the ZED cameras

Hi @NicolasAbo17,

Does it do this only with the ZED plugin, or also if you try to create/use another VR project totally unrelated with the same Unity version?

I was on a break, I just came back.

Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t but it seems to be more of a steamvr issue.
How can I use SteamVR rig with the ZED_Stereo rig? Because I need the controllers, and I can’t test right now because ZED is not showing any video on my project or in a new project (that’s a different issue). So I don’t know if just putting the ZED_Stereo without tracking as a child of the camera of the CameraRig would work