Stale Skeletons In Fusion

The fusion retrieve_bodies function sends stale user data long after the user has left the frame. Is there a way to only show active skeletons?

Are you sure the person is not detected by another camera?
You can set the minimum number of cameras that need to detect a person for it to be displayed using this parameter:

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It’s not another camera - fusion is returning 22 (or more) skeletons when there are 6 people in the room, and only 6 skeletons are “live” having their data updated. The additional skeletons do not have their data updated and are static.

I just tested and could not reproduce the issue.

  • Does this happen only with lots of people in the scene?
  • Does it happen straight away or over time?
  • Do you use the default sample or did you modify it? (parameters, code…)

Also, I suppose you’re measuring the number of bodies via len(bodies.body_list), is that it?

I did a diff on my modifications to the sample script, and discovered a bug. I should have done that before posting, thanks for the prompt. The object I was using to transfer the skeleton data was not correctly being cleared between API calls. Apologies for the wasted time!

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