Specify which topics to be published into ROS by ZED-ROS-Wrapper

I was wondering if there is a way that anyone has found that can specify which of the topics are published into ROS? Right now it obviously publishes all of the topics, and as I run a rosbag record I specify a few topics to subscribe to (as I only need the stereo unrectified images for the project). I would prefer if I could rosbag record all since there are other nodes that I have publishing which I record all of the data for. I have looked through the launch files and such and haven’t seen an easy way to do this so far. Thanks!

The ROS wrapper creates a publisher for each available topic and publishes the relative messages only if a node subscribes to them.
There is no way to disable single publishers, unless you modify the source code of the node by commenting the creation of the publishers that you do not need.

The node has already many parameters and adding the parameters to disable the single publishers would add many other parameters that are not useful in most of the cases.