Spatial mapping : Creation of texture failed

I did some tests with the spatial mapping example in Unity. The creation of the texture at the end of the scan failed.
The function ApplyTexture() returns a texture size of 0 x 0.
After some tests, it appears that the first test can be successful. In this case, the texture has a size of 4096 x 4096. But this success happens 1 time for 20 tests.

ZEDfu is working fine all the time.

My setup:
Windows 11, NVidia 3070 Laptop, ZED SDK 4.0.6 with CUDA 12.1 with Unity 2021.3.18, 2021.3.30, 2022.3.9.
Windows 11, NVidia 3070 Laptop, ZED SDK 4.0.6 with CUDA 11.8 with the same results.
Tests with ZED M USB, ZED X and ZED X M (Streaming from ZED Box).


Did you change any specific parameters? I used the spatial mapping example scene and it was working as expected.

If possible, would it be possible to record a SVO that reproduces the issue and send it at ?


Stereolabs Support

I have the problem with the default spatial mapping example and a modified version of it.

I did some new tests on another computer: A desktop computer with Windows 10 and a NVidia 3090. The tests are successful most of the time with the same project. I’ve got only one time a null texture.

I sent you an email with more informations.