Some problems about SLAM and path planning

I bought Zed2i for a competition, in which I need to let the robot complete automatic movement.
The site structure is relatively simple, consisting of a floor and some obstacles. There will be visual labels on the wall, but several other robots will move at the same time.
I only know the initial position of the robot, the position of some visual labels (which may have some errors), and the floor plan of the site.
I can’t put the equipment into a real site for operation in advance, so I think I need to use SLAM and other related technologies to complete the path planning.

About SLAM:
I wonder if there is a path planning code based on ZED camera for reference?

About path planning:

  1. Can knowing the approximate site structure in advance help path planning?
  2. Although there are no obstacles in some places, they are not accessible in terms of requirements. Is there any way to set them?

What I have done:
I know how to use the ZED camera for position tracking, and have written a visual label related algorithm for relocation. I have written a simple A * algorithm for path planning (based on site drawings, sampling at fixed intervals, and obstacles expanding according to robot volume. Other robots can be identified and affect path planning.)

Hi @yuanlu
the ZED SDK does not provide path planning capabilities, but we provide full integration for using the ZED cameras in ROS and ROS2 to take advantage of their ready Navigation stack.