Some errors with ZED_Depth_Viewer

When i run th ZED_Depth_Viewer, some errors displayed as follow:

The camera is ZED 2i and configure of my notebook is :

  1. ubuntu 20.04.6
  2. nvidia-520.56.06
  3. cuda-11.8

Can anyone give me some advises? Thanks!

Hi @zhoupan9109
Can you please run the ZED Diagnostic tool and share the JSON report file that it generates?

As before the ZED_Depth_Viewer, i install the nvidia drive with the follow command:

sh NVIDIA_*** -no-x-check -no-nouveau-check -no-opengl-files

After, i change the command as follow:

sh NVIDIA_*** -no-x-check -no-nouveau-check

the ZED_Depth_Viewer is worked.

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