[SOLVED] Object Detection using a SVO file not working

Hi everyone,

For some reason, object detection on SVO files is not working for me. I don’t have the Zed2 camera yet, so I can’t confirm if that’s working on the hardware. I am trying the Object Detection code from github →

And the following SVO videos as input:


When I run this command on Windows 10 →

$ python .\object_detection_image_viewer.py .\ZED2_HD2K_Runners_H264.svo

Everything seems to be running okay, I don’t get any errors in the console and the video is played perfectly but I can’t see a single detection happening. I tried adding the following code to the main loop but nothing is printed in the console either:

        for object in objects.object_list:
            print("{} {}".format(object.id, object.position))

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Hi again,

It’s working now. The issue was that the AI models were not optimized before running the object detection.