Skeletons will shift more and more every time people be tracking in Unreal 5

I am using Zed 2i and Unreal 5.1.1.
And making a interactive like character overlapping on people though projectors.

I got a trouble is that first time I get into the tracking area it would be almost correct.
But when left and get back area, it will shift more and more (The Zed 2i is fixed on the table).

Did anyone meet the same trouble before?
And how to solve it?:face_holding_back_tears:


Thanks for reaching us out.

Would it be possible for you to record a SVO (a svo is Stereolabs video format) that reproduces the issue you are facing?
You can use a tool called ZED Explorer to record SVOs. This tool is available in the ZED SDK folder, in tools/.

Then, you can send it at That will help us understand your problem and find a solution quicker.


Stereolabs Support

If the camera is static and will not move at all, I’ll recommend you to enable the “set as static” option available as parameter on the BP_Initializer pawn. This should reduce all the potential drift coming from the position tracking of the camera.


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Yes the camera is fixed.
I followed the steps it seems work really well.

So could I ask if I disable “set as static”, the minor drift will affect virtual camera pretty big, is hardware or software problem?


That’s probably a software issue.

To make sure the drift is not fully or partially coming from a mis-calibration of the IMU, you can start the “ZED Sensor viewer” tool, keep your camera static and obverse the IMU data. If it’s the values are stable and coherent with the camera’s position/orientation, that’s not a hardware issue.

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Thank you for answering.

I found the IMU trembled a little bit. I guess that probably caused the problem when I run the application for a long time. It may drift more and more until out of viewport.

“set as static” really solve the issue well.

Thank you again!