Skeleton Tracking Unity - Rendering Plane View Mode does not change


Right now I work on a project for skeleton tracking in Unity. Demo works pretty well, except that I am unable to change view mode of Frame object via Rendering Plane properties. Canvas only shows depth map no matter how I select as Image/Depth.

I checked shortly the codes, everything seems ok. Can you please support me ?



Are you using the HD rendering pipeline from Unity ?
I think the issue is caused by some post processing applied to the scene.
Can you try to use the pipeline asset available with our Plugin ( available here :

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Benjamin Vallon

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Dear Benjamin,

As you pointed, I changed all 3 of files(pipeline, lighting and volume) as HDRP versions and now problem is solved. I can see directly the camera output. Thanks a lot for kind support.

May I also ask, why do I see skeleton fitting in 2D Zed View too ? In which code file can I find the functions ?

Thanks again. Best regards,

If you don’t want to see the skeletons in the image, set the layer of each skeleton gameobject to “tagInvisibleToZed” (it can be done in this function :


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Hi Benjamin,

I updated the code as below, but there is no change. Still I see the skeleton in ZedView canvas.

Do I make a mistake in coding ?