Segmentation fault with .grab in spatial mapping tutorial

Segmentation fault error:

Line causing error:
if zed.grab(runtime_parameters) == sl.ERROR_CODE.SUCCESS:

Docker container version: stereolabs/zed:3.2-devel-cuda9.0-ubuntu16.04
Things are all set up adequately for this version. I’ve utilized the spatial mapping files included in the container/sdk

I am running the spatial mapping file on a pre recorded svo file (not live). Is that ok?

How can I fix the issue? How can I further debug the issue?


The version you use (3.2) is quite old. I suggest you switch at least to 3.8.2.
Apart from that, running with a SVO should work. to further debug, instead of running

gdb python3

(type bt after the crash to get the back trace)


I have that version of the sdk because I have Ubuntu 16.04 and Cuda 9.0 and I am not allowed to update either of these.

I assume using a newer sdk isn’t backwards compatible?
I have downloaded 4.0 sdk and it hasn’t worked

Indeed, cuda 9 is not supported anymore.

Does the backtrace (image below) give you any further indication of how to fix the issue? I’m having some trouble.

Do you have a link to the filesystem including tutorials of the 3.2 sdk. I believe I may have copied over a newer version (earlier than 4.0 but later than 3.2) and that’s probably cause for the issue. I can’t find the samples in the filesystem of the docker container. Maybe you know where they are? I don’t see any in the container filesystem after using ‘find’ command to look for the files

You can find the ZED archives here: