SDK system requirements

I’m running Windows 11 in Parallels on a Macbook Pro M2. Are there any versions of the SDK that support this environment? I’m simply trying to build a body tracking prototype for a multi camera setup.

Trying to install ‘ZED_SDK_Windows_cuda12.1_v4.0.6’ results in this error…


This error message suggests you are using a 32bits Windows VM which is not compatible with the ZED SDK.
But anyway, the ZED SDK requires access to the GPU which should not be possible in a virtual machine.

The solution would be to create a dual boot with Ubuntu on your computer in order to use the ZED SDK.

Stereolabs Support

Thanks for the response Ben.

It’s definitely 64bit, but it is an AMD64. I’m guessing that’s the compatibility issue. Since I spun up Ubuntu and the SDK installer errored out there as well.