Screw size ZED 2i USB 3.0 Type-C Dual Screw Locking Cable

What is the screw size of the two screws on the ZED 2i USB 3.0 Type-C Dual Screw Locking Cable? I’m guessing they are M2 0.4. They could be in a different standard though. I looked at the schematic in the Zed 2i datasheet, but there’s no data on the USB connection area.


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Please find enclosed a detailed sheet of the screws on the Type-C side.

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I couldn’t find the enclosed sheet. But, after receiving a kit that has different sizes to try and figure this out, it seems that the screw size is M2.5. It’s a loose M2.5, but M2 and M3 don’t fit. Could be standard size but the M2.5 thread works.

Cable secured on the robot…