Saving depth image along with RGB image and the interisic and exterinsic parametes

I want to save the depth image along with RGB image and the intrinsic and extrinsic parameters in a given directory, Could you please let me know can I obtain it with Python API? Thanks

Hi @code_lover,

You can find our depth sensing examples on our github repository:

We have an export sample in C++, all of the functions are available in the python API for you to reproduce the same in Python.

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Thanks. Since I want to use NUERAL depth mode, and it is a bit resource consuming. Could you please let me know it is possible to record the scene as an SVO file and after moving the file to the lab, using the file with Python API to find the depth? when I want to record the SVO file should I define the depth mode? Thanks

Yes, the SVO file contains the image and sensor data of the camera, so this allows you to replay it in another sample or application, with any depth mode that you want to use.

If the recording device has limited resources, you can set the DEPTH_MODE to NONE and this will turn off the depth computation, and you can record your SVO.

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Thank you for your guidance. Could you please let me know after saving the scene as a SVO file, how can I load it and use it with Python API. If you let me know how to proceed I will be appreciated.

Hi @code_lover
the documentation explains this step-by-step:

You can also find examples and tutorials on GitHub:

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