Saving "Depth" as PNG results in black image

I want to save the Depth image as PNG using the button in the Setting of the Depth Viewer (Windows 10).

It saves a PNG, but it is completely black. Is this function for something else, or why is it not working?

Hi @Tom
you find the reply to your question on this support web page:

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hello, I have a few question , I want to save Depth image ,and I know why is Depth map so dark.
Using cv2 and pyzed (win11), I have implemented the visualization and saving of depth maps, but I have a few questions that are bothering me.
1 No matter which line of code I use to get the numpy array of the depth map, the visualization of the depth map remains unchanged.

the visualization of depth_map by cv2.imshow() remains unchanged.
but The depth-map stored on the hard disk is different


using depth.get_data()/65535. * 255.

using depth.get_data()

2 zed.retrieve_measure(depth, sl.MEASURE.DEPTH) # depth_map
zed.retrieve_image(dep, sl.VIEW.DEPTH) # the image
What is the difference between the images and depth_map, in which fields can it be applied, and what is the relationship between B,G,R,A and depth information, such as conversion formulas?