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Question regarding the Point Cloud.

Is there a way to save the point cloud or do I have to iterate over each pixel - as I do now - and save the array (X-Y-Z coordinates).
(For a project the data points should be saved in a .json file or a .png grayscale image hence this method).
At HD720 resolution this takes about 9 seconds per frame - so way too long.

Thanks for possible suggestions!

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Refer to this answer from Benjamin , in my Discussion thread, there is a function for this :slight_smile: !!

Please Note that below answer is from Benjamin on my Discussion ZED2/Spatial Mapping !!


The point cloud can be seen with difficulty on top of the camera image (naturally because it is the same color), however if you add a “classic” Unity cam, you may see more easily.

There is a SavePointClound() function in ZEDCamera.cs that you can use to save your fusedPointCloud ( ).
It can be saved as OBJ or PLY.

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I saved this problem with the function: depth_map.get_data().
This returns an numpy array.