Safely using a battery and buck converter to power a ZED Box Orin NX

Hi everyone,

We are building a robot that uses the ZED Box Orin NX 16GB, and we plan on powering it through a DC to DC 12V step-down buck converter connected to the battery (24V LiFePO4). Would we need anything else in series with the 12V output of the buck converter to ensure the ZED Box is protected? We currently are looking into using a voltage regulator or a Zener diode to ensure the input voltage to the ZED Box remains stable, however, we are unsure about whether this is necessary or not. Does the ZED Box already have protective circuitry built in that deems this unnecessary?


Hi @MakP6685
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Normally a DC-DC provides all the required safety features to use it with a ZED Box.
You only need to verify that it can provide enough current to power the box that is 5A at 12V