Running on a host that doesn't have Nvidia chip

We’re really interested in using the Zed 2i or Zed X. The issue is that we have to run on a tablet that doesn’t have an Nvidia GPU. We just need the images and IMU measurements from the sensor. We don’t need to run any CUDA functions. Is there a workaround to just stream images and IMU data to a non-Nvidia host? Or is having a Nvidia GPU really a hard requirement.

Hi @sgraybi
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The ZED2i camera does not need an Nvidia GPU to retrieve image and sensors data when using a Linux host device, we provide a driver for this: GitHub - stereolabs/zed-open-capture: Low level camera driver for the ZED stereo camera family. API docs available here:
However, this driver cannot be used on tablets and Windows machines.

The ZED-X instead needs an NVIDIA Jetson Xavier or Orin to be used because it’s not an USB3 device, but it has GMSL2 connectivity that requires a capture card only available for Jetson host devices.

Thanks for your reply and the link. Yes, we need to run on a Windows tablet.

@Myzhar are there any plans to write a Windows driver?

@sgraybi this is not planned because the request number is very low and the required work is highly demanding.

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