ROS2 wrapper no picture when subscribing with rviz

Dear community,

I started the ros2-wrapper in foxy by using the command:

ros2 launch zed_wrapper

By using rviz2 I check if I get the data, which I need. But unfortunatley the image is not available, but when I am using the ZED_Explorer I retrieve an image:

I somehow got the feeling that it is related to this issue: [BUG] Unable to subscribe and display /zed/zed_node/left/image_rect_color Images · Issue #40 · stereolabs/zed-ros2-wrapper · GitHub.

So I checked if I subscribed in rviz2 like the it is written in the QoS description here: ROS 2 - ZED Node | Stereolabs

When I start the ros wrapper for ros1 in noetic it works out-of-the-box.

Can somebody help what I am doing wrong in the moment when I subscribe the ros topic in ros2 - foxy?

Thanks in advance

Have you applied the fix as suggested in the README?
GitHub - stereolabs/zed-ros2-wrapper: ROS 2 wrapper beta for the ZED SDK

Thanks very much for your prompt reply. I saw the the known issue when I installed it. But I might installed the image_common package via sudo apt, which installed me v2.3.0. Unfortunately the given commands by checking out the repository didnt work for me. I need to download the given release under the link Release 3.0.0 · ros-perception/image_common · GitHub in my colcon workspace, which I was able to build and the image gets displayed now

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Yes, the image_common issue is really boring. Unfortunately the only way to make it work is by using the correct supported version.
I hope it will be fixed in the oncoming Humble LTS.