ROS1 localization and navigation


I’m trying to use ZED2i for SLAM, navigation, and path planning in ROS. I started with rtabmap_ros from the zed-ros-examples and I have generated the map of the environment. I think that the loop detection and localization are working fine.

But I’m quite lost considering the navigation part. I saw that the move_base package should be used and that it will generate local and global costmaps (and that there need to be three config files for move_base to work properly). But in RViz I can see that some costmap is already published at /zed2i/grid_prob_map.

Any advice on implementing robot navigation considering I have the map from the rtabmap and ZED2i camera? Any advice or tutorials or examples are very much appreciated because I have never worked with ROS before so it is pretty confusing right now. :smiley:

Thank you!

Hi Gaba,
Welcome to the Stereolabs community.

Even if you are using a ZED2i camera, your question is mostly related to RTABmap and ROS configuration, so I suggest you ask on or on the RTABmap forum where you can get more precise replies.

@Gaba did you get forward with navigation?