ROS tf conflicts between mavros and zed_wrapper

Hi, i launch the camera with the command:
roslaunch zed_wrapper zed2i.launch, and after that i launch the mavros node with:
roslaunch apm.launch.
I think that the problem is both nodes tries to publish on the same topic (/tf) because mavros don’t work properely with zed_wrapper.
Can someone relate to this problem?

Hi @Momofaiz
Welcome to the Stereolabs community.
Not all the nodes should broadcast the TF transforms for odometry.

If you are using more than one node that produces odometry information you must disable the TF broadcasting for all of them and use the robot_localization package to fuse odometry in a single TF transform.

You can disable TF broadcasting in the ZED ROS Wrapper by setting the parameter pos_tracking/publish_tf to false