ROS start SVO recording

Hello, I’m quite new to Stereolabs and ROS.
So I have a basic question, how do I start a SVO recording when I run roslaunch zed_wrapper zed2i.launch in the first terminal?
And is it possible to start two recordings at the same time, because I have two ZEDs running parallel using the multicam example?

Hi @gpodann
you can start the SVO recoding by calling the start_svo_recording service:
You can start it by command line or by using the Service Caller plugin of the rqt GUI tool.

Thanks for the link.
But what is the exact command line command to start it. I tried start_svo_recording and rosservice start_svo_recording but it didn’t work…

You can get the list of services with
$ rosservice list
then you can get the service info with
$ rosservice info /zed2i/zed_node/start_svo_recording
you can see that the only argument is the ROS filename, that must be an ABSOLUTE path name.

$ rosservice call /zed2i/zed_node/start_svo_recording "test.svo"

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