Retrieving depth or point cloud frames undistorted

Hello, We are evaluating the ZED cameras to detect when a user hand interacts with a volume.
We need the wide filed of view, so the original image will have a lot of distortion.

Can the depth image (DEPTH or DEPTH_U16_MM) be obtained rectified/undistorted?
Is the point cloud frame (XYZ) always undistorted? (assuming yes)

Which methods must be used, and are they all available in C# as well?

Thank you

Hi @tabulatouch
Welcome to the Stereolabs community.
The default behavior of the ZED SDK API functions is to provide already rectified images.
Depth and point clouds are always generated from the rectified images, it’s not possible to obtain reliable depth information from raw images.

You can obtain RAW images by using the retrieveImage function with the correct setting for the view parameter: LEFT_UNRECTIFIED or RIGHT_UNRECTIFIED