Retrieve rotation and translation

I’d like to retrieve to rotation and and translation between left and right cameras with one or another as reference.

Hi @Adrien
you find this information in the camera parameters:

calibration_params = camera.get_camera_information().camera_configuration.calibration_parameters
attributes = [attr for attr in dir(calibration_params) if not callable(getattr(calibration_params, attr)) and not attr.startswith("__")]


tz = calibration_params.T.z


['left_cam', 'right_cam', 'stereo_transform']
Traceback (most recent call last):
    tz = calibration_params.T.z
AttributeError: '' object has no attribute 'T'

Hi @Adrien

Sorry for the confusion, this sample of code in the doc is obsolete, I will update it. Thank you for the report!

Instead of:

tz = calibration_params.T.z

Please do:

tz = calibration_params.stereo_transform.get_translation().get()[2]

Note that it will always give you 0, the length of the camera is on the X axis, so you should do get()[0] to access it.

Cf CalibrationParameters.