Remove older spatial mapping meshes

Hello again everyone!

On my project as it is I’m able to broadcast the ZED 2i camera feed to another device on the same network and build a spatial mapping in it.

The thing is, as it is a live stream, i wanted to capture the movement of a person ideally. For this I thought to, on the spatial mapping visualization, only display the last 50 to 100 images (or some other value after testing).

Is this possible?

Hi @Rengo,

Currently, the spatial mapping module uses a thread in the background which retrieves all of the point cloud information and fuses it into a single mesh. All the information is stored, and cannot be removed as the processing goes on.

You could however activate and deactivate the module manually if you wish to map a specific sequence when a person is in view. You could use the object detection module to trigger the mapping automatically as well when a person enters the scene.