REID ASSOCIATION is not optimized

I can’t seem to get REID ASSOCIATION optimized.

According to the ZED Diagnostics, all tests have green check marks except for the AI Models, with a blue i. Expanding it shows that all AI Models have been optimized EXCEPT for REID ASSOCIATION. I tried running “ZED Diagnostic -aio” or “ZED Diagnostic -ais 8” in the command prompt again but the ZED Diagnostic UI still shows REID ASSOCIATION not being optimized.

I’ve restarted my machine a couple of times. Anything else I missed?

Extra notes: I’ve tested the Body Tracking and Plane Detection in Unity and it seems to work fine. I’m using SDK 3.8 and CUDA 11.7

Hi @xeratol
with ZED SDK v3.8.x you can optimize the REID ASSOCIATION by using the ZED Diagnostic -ais 8 command:

$ ZED_Diagnostic -ais 8

/usr/local/zed/resources/perso 100%[===================================================>]   7.97M  9.18MB/s    in 0.9s    
 Optimizing person_reid_1.4 |  100.0%[=============================>] Done ! in 0min 25s 

I checked the ZED Diagnostic tool after the optimization and I confirm that is wrongly reports that the model is not optimized.
I’m reporting the problem to the team and it will be fixed with one of the next patches.

Ah ok! Got it. So it’s just the UI of the ZED Diagnostic tool. As long as I’ve executed ZED Diagnostic -ais 8, it should be fine.