Regarding the coordinate systems of svo files

Hello, I would like to ask a question about the coordinate systems in zed.

I know that the zed uses right-handed with the positive Y-axis pointing down, X-axis pointing right and Z-axis pointing away from the camera." by default: Coordinate Frames | Stereolabs

Now I want to change it to opengl coordinate, which is sl.COORDINATE_SYSTEM.RIGHT_HANDED_Y_UP

I am processing pre-recorded svo files. During recording, I did not specify the coordinate system cause I thought I can change it when I loaded it. However, I found that it does not work, i.e., no matter what coordinate system I specify when I load svo files, it will always be the default one. Does it mean that I should specify the coordinate system when I record the video?

Hi @felixshing
the SVO does not store any kind of information, but only the RAW camera stream and the inertial data.
The coordinate system can be set by using the coordinate_system parameter of the InitParameters structure when you call the open function in the same way you do by opening a live camera.