Reduce the resolution of the obtained results

As a novice zed, I’m very sorry to ask such a question.

In the previous process of using the zed mini camera, I obtained a large amount of materials with a resolution of 1080p. But now, I need to reduce the resolution of the obtained results to 1280 * 720. Is there any way to do this?

It is better to process the SVO file directly. In the subsequent process of extracting the image and depth image, the result of 720p is directly obtained.

You can either change the camera resolution with the sl::InitParameters::camera_resolution or for an already recorded SVO you can simply retrieve the data at a custom resolution with the last argument of the retrieve function (sl::Resolution). The resolution can be any value (lower than the camera resolution).

According to you, I only need to modify the last parameter of SL:: resolution. So you can change the resolution of the result by modifying this parameter and running the program?

I’m very sorry to ask you this question. As a novice, where is the modified location in?

Which target file needs to be modified?

A solution is provided on Github:

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