Recording through a window

I want to collect a scientific dataset (e.g. with the ZED 2i). Therefore, I want to record a video of a scene through a window and obtain the two RGB images as well as the depth map of the scene. Is it possible to obtain the depth map if the scene is filmed through window glass/plastic?

Hi @KieDani
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As far as the window does not introduce image distortions you can use it.
Be sure to place the camera in strict contact with it and verify with ZED Depth Viewer that the right and left images are not distorted and the depth map is reporting correct depth values.

If the window introduces distortions, then you must run a manual calibration by using the ZED Calibration tool.

Thank you for your response. That is great news.
Just to be sure, this means the ZED cameras do not use infrared technology (since a window could disturb those signals)?

No, the ZED devices are passive stereo cameras, no IR light is used