Recording in a multi camera scenario using python

Hi all,

I’m trying recording two svo files for two cameras connected to my laptop.

I am using the code in:

…adapting it in order to do recording.

I think that the initialization of cameras works well, and i get two svo files, but then i try to open these files with SVO Explorer it seems that are corrupted

Any idea or example of python code for multi camera svo recording???

Thanks and best.

Hi @benferpo,

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This may be an encoding issue of the SVO depending if it was properly closed by your program.

Can you run the following tool which can fix such issues for your SVOs:

ZED_SVO_Editor -repair /path/to/svo


Yes, with repairing tool i got a correct svo file and i could open with ZEDExplorer.

I will have to check why the svo file is not properly closed in my program…