Recording 2x Zed X Minis and 1x Zed Mini on Orin AGX

Hello! I’m trying to connect 2 ZedX Minis and 1x ZedX to a Orin AGX paired with a capture card duo. The ZedX’s are connected to the capture card and the Zed Mini is connected to the USB 3.1 port of the Orin AGX. After resetting the Daemon I can successfully run the ZED_Explorer tool and visualize each camera’s sensor readings independently. Additionally, running the recording/multi_camera/cpp script works for the following configurations (I have modified the script to provide acceptable camera configurations for each camera):

  • 2x ZedX Mini
  • 1x ZedX Mini + 1x Zed Mini
  • 1 ZedX Mini
  • 1 Zed Mini

However, when I run this script using 2x ZedX Minis and 1x Zed Mini the script fails to detect one of the ZedX mini’s with an error stating Camera not detected, even though it is detected by the ZED_Explorer tool. What steps can I take to record all three cameras with the Orin AGX, if possible? Thanks in advance!

Hi @alejandro
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What version of the ZED SDK are you using?
When opening a specific camera in a multi-camera configuration you must always use the serial number to correctly identify the camera to be opened. See setFromSerialNumber

This was SDK 4.1. Your suggestion worked, thank you!!

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