Record with lower framerate datasaving


I want to save less fps. As the camera will run 24/7 running at 15fps and 720p it can store data up to 4 weeks. As I don’t need high FPS, I want to record .svo files with a lower framerate, e.g. 3fps.
Is it possible to save less frames in a .svo file to save on data storage.

Thanks in advance


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You can use the grab_compute_capping_fps parameter in InitParameters to set the framerate you prefer.

Hi @Myzhar,

I forgot to mention I run a ZED 1 with sdk 3.5 with a jetson TX2 jetpack 4.3. and compression H265

Secondly with SDK 3.5 I tried to run with delay of 333ms in the while loop(see below). this reduced the fps to 3 but a minute of data went from 26MB@15fps to just 25.5MB@3fps. I don’t know why this happens. My best guess would be that the frames are duplicated to ‘maintain’ the 15fps flow. but the real visible amount would be reduced to 3fps. As a result the computational demand drops, but the savings on data storage are small.

The documentation of grab_compute_capping_fps only mentions a reduction in computational demand, but nothing about storage. Could you confirm or refute this?

So, I’m not quite sure if that would be able solve my storage problem

While rereading the documentation, I noticed Jetson TX2 supports SDK 4.0 under Jetpack 4.6. I didn’t notice that earlier

I try to avoid updating the Jetpack version. If grab_compute_capping_fps reduces storage requirements effectively, I will reconsider it.

Thank you in advance


    while True:
        if cam.grab(runtime) == sl.ERROR_CODE.SUCCESS : # Check that a new image is successfully acquired
            frames_recorded += 1
            print("Frame count: " + str(frames_recorded), end="\r")


Yes, this is the only way to achieve your goal.