Record and post process DEPTH data

hi, i want to record depth data using sl::Mat object and save it locally. first of all how would i do that? second, if i do that and then want to load this data and change the DEPTH mode post, i.e recording in ULTRA and then running NEURAL, would it be possible? if so how?

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Nir Levy

Hi @DailyNir
SVO recording is what you need:

svo i what we were using until now but it is not efficient for us to export it every time, it take a lot of time for our large datasets to process the svo and so we want to record all necessary data directly to hdf5 format, what i needed from you is to know if i load it again to sl::Mat format from my hdf5 will i be able to rum lets say NEURAL depth mode if i recorded data in ULTRA Depth mode for example and if so how?

We do not support the hdf5 format.
You must write your converter for that.

Furthermore, you cannot convert a depth map saved with ULTRA mode into a depth map in NEURAL mode. Only SVO files allow you to generate the two different depth maps from the same input data.

ok, svo export is very slow. is there a way to speed it up? or is it fixed extraction process?

You can disable the real-time mode (parameter svo_real_time_mode of InitParameters) and process the frames at the maximum speed allowed by you PC.

but as i have checked it it is defaulted to false.

is there a way of getting timestamp and frame mapping from svo without loading each frame?

The ZED_SVO_Editor tool with the -inf option can allow you to retrieve a few useful information from the SVO.

this is what igot for example:(base) nir@nir:~/Desktop$ /usr/local/zed/tools/ZED_SVO_Editor -inf top_camera_blue_4.svo
-inf option detected
SVO Infos :
Image Size : [ 1920 x 1080 ]
Framerate : 30
Number of Frames : 271
ZED Serial Number : 55187685
Compression mode : " H264 Lossy (GPU) compression"
Product : ZED-XM
Sensors Fw version : 1000
Camera Fw version : 2001
is there a way to get the info of the timestamps and frames mapping?

As you can see, the only way is by processing the SVO