Real time SVO video stream, and use SDK in server

How do I transfer the data collected by the zed camera to the server for positional tracking?
I found that SVO files can playback and put the metadata into the ZED SDK. Is there a way that I can realize real-time transmission of SVO video streams and SDK calculation?

Yes you can directly stream the camera feed to a server by using the Streaming API
Here are associated samples for the sender and the receiver:

thanks for answering my question.
However the camera streaming is only streaming images, there is no imu data. I want to sent both images and imu data(or poss data) to server and use sdk in server.
Do you have any ideas to solve this case? Should I buy an zed box or TX2?

As mentionned in the documentation:

In SVO or STREAM mode, the TIME_REFERENCE::CURRENT is currently not available (yielding ERROR_CODE::INVALID_FUNCTION_PARAMETERS. Only the quaternion data and barometer data (if available) at TIME_REFERENCE::IMAGE are available. Other values will be set to 0.

So you have to call the Camera::grab() function and then getSensorsData with TIME_REFERENCE::IMAGE to get the sensors IMU Data.

We are working on to improve this.